Paper processing company in Adachi ku

Manufacturing Process
To meet the demand of the customer , we wil try our best to make the sample by short delivery time.
Inquiry and Request
If you are looking for help about paper processing products such as boxes, corrugated display …
Discuss about new product.
Please don't hesitate to contact us.
Sale Department's Quotation
From paper selection to design process, our professional staff will make the quotation with the best suggestion for our customers.
Test Product
We will submit the test product speedily to meet the demand of customers.
Receive Order
We can response even with the small lot and short delivery time.
We also handle with product's packing work.
Manufacturing Process
Plate-making and Printing
Thanks to UV printing, we can handle with wide variety of material printing
Surface Finishing Process of laminating, die-cutting, pasting.
Assembly Box's Assembly Corrugated display's Assembly
We will delivery to the specified location of customers.